Bringing Elegance, Excitement & 
Sheer Music Energy to all Special Events.
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Johnny and Angelique met as actors on the set of a Spanish Soap Opera in 1997 and were married in 2000. Even before the two were united in marriage, they shared a dream of performing, and bringing the magic of music to inspire others on their most special days-- The Life Events that create unforgettable memories for a lifetime...

Johnny and Angelique have been living their dream through HALO. As Co-Executives and Founders of HALO, they strive to create a GOLDEN sound and performance at every event by going beyond your HIGHEST expectations for a 'HEAVEN' of a party!

With over 35 combined years in the Entertainment Industry,  Angelique and Johnny, the "HALO's Dynamic Duo", along with some of the nation's most talented DJs, Dancers, and Musicians, vow to make certain you have the most unique and inspiring Event that reflects your personal style!